Image of Dark Legacy (Carpathian Novel, A)


Image of Dark Legacy (Carpathian Novel, A)

Feehan continues to pursue the migration of her long-running Carpathian series from Europe to California with the establishment of a stronghold and a core group of characters. Feehan also transfers some of the inhabitants of the recently revealed Carpathian monastery to San Diego, further tying previous events together. Survivor’s guilt, PTSD and some dangerous secrets greatly affect Feehan’s newest heroine as she struggles to exist following her rescue from the horrific master vampire Vadim Malinov. Feehan does an excellent job telling a story of love and self-sacrifice in the ever expanding war against evil. The fact that the villains have grown more clever and more dangerous adds a lot to the chills and thrills. Another terrific installment!

After Emeline Sanchez and the children were rescued and taken to live in Carpathian warrior Tariq Asenguard’s compound, things should have gotten better — but for Emeline, every day is agony. Emeline was brutally tortured, and forced to drink Vadim Malinov’s blood so he could continue to torment and haunt her, never letting her rest. When Dragomir Kozel arrives to help in the fight against Vadim, he doesn’t expect to find his lifemate, but the moment he hears Emeline’s voice he knows. To save her friends, Emeline believes she may have to sacrifice herself, but Dragomir will not lose her, no matter what he must risk. (BERKLEY, Sep., 416 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith