While picking up the unfinished story threads from Dark Ghost, Feehan now explores two new relationships. While Feehan usually excels at walking the line with super alpha males, this time, one of her heroes slips into SOB territory, making it difficult to root for the couple. However, her second pairing is much more engaging and a real delight!

Gabrielle Sanders and Gary Jensen entered the Carpathian world as humans and have worked hard to help the Carpathians solve their fertility problem. Then, both Gary and Gabrielle were turned into Carpathians after being mortally wounded. They planned to marry, but tragically learned they were not destined lifemates. While Gabrielle meets with Andre and his new lifemate Teagan near the hidden monastery, she is confronted by the ancient and somewhat feral Aleksei, who violently claims her. Meanwhile, Teagan’s feisty vampire-hunting grandmother Trixie arrives after having escaped from dangerous company. Trixie follows the music only she can hear into the monastery and discovers Fane, whom she promptly shoots with her “vampire gun.” Fane is amused and thrilled to find his lifemate, and despite the differences between them, he vows to convince her they are meant for each other! (BERKLEY, Mar., 384 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith