The fourth installment of Vanderlinden’s amazing superhero StrikeForce series brings the first arc of Jolene Faraday’s (aka Daystar) ongoing story to an epic conclusion. Over the course of the series, as Jolene has attempted to become a hero, her arch-nemesis Killjoy has been desperate to control and corrupt her. Sometimes the line between a hero and a villain can be razor thin. Rising-star Vanderlinden’s name on a book guarantees an awesome read with plenty of non-stop action and hard-hitting drama to spare!

Being stuck at StrikeForce headquarters because of the death of a supervillain is driving Jolene slowly nuts. However with the Tribunal calling for her arrest and mixed public opinion regarding superhero trustworthiness, it is better that Jolene stays under wraps. On a positive note, Jolene and Ryan Lucas (aka superhero Caine) have finally cemented their relationship. However a treacherous betrayal is about to destroy everything Jolene has built. If she survives, nothing will ever be the same! (COLLEEN VANDERLINDEN, May, 226 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith