Kenyon is back with the second book in her Deadman's Cross series, which explores the possibility of second chances and redemption for the already dead and damned crew of Captain Devyl Bane’s ship. Each of the crew was offered a chance to earn their way out of hell by the immortal Thorn, but it won’t be easy, for their task is to try and keep the gates of hell closed as more demons escape. No one is better than Kenyon at building amazingly Byzantine worlds that are interconnected across her various series. It is always fun to have characters from the other series pop up with cameo or significant roles in a current book. Kenyon is also known for putting her characters through figurative and literal hell, which pares their personalities down to the bone, revealing their true essence. When it comes to darkly romantic fantasy romance, no one does it better than Kenyon!

It was through the self-sacrifice of damned Myrcian merman Kalder Dupree that Cameron Jack and her brother were not trapped in hell by the evil Vine. Knowing that Kalder is there being tortured and suffering in her place makes Cameron determined to rescue him. Thankfully Captain Bane and the rest of the Deadmen are also determined to rescue Kalder, so Thorne storms the hell where Kalder is located and forces his release. However, the victory is short lived as it seems that the Carian Gate has fallen, unleashing all kinds of hell, including the Malachai who is rising! (TOR, May, 336 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith