Image of Deep Shadows (The Remnant)


Image of Deep Shadows (The Remnant)

Best known for her Amish-themed novels, Chapman delves into the dystopian field with her latest. While it is a departure, it is riveting nonetheless. The scary realism in this book may have the reader wondering what will happen next and pondering if we could truly be on the edge of the apocalypse, as some believe. It may also leave them contemplating how reliant our society is on technology and if they could survive without it. Lots of useful tips are included at the end, including how to create your own survival kits.

Abney, Texas has always been considered a safe and predictable town. That changes suddenly when a solar flare hits, wiping out all technology and causing train derailments and plane crashes. Novelist and single mother Shelby Sparks understands what is going on better than most. Her greatest fear is how she is going to provide for her diabetic son, particularly as medication is likely to become a hot commodity. Retired Army man Max Berkman has made it his top priority to keep Shelby and her son safe. What will they do in a world that no longer makes sense, particularly when panic begins setting in among those in the community? Was it a solar flare as they believed, or are they under attack? (HARVEST HOUSE, Jul., 368 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee