Image of Deirdre's True Desire


Image of Deirdre's True Desire

Deirdre's True Desire is another enjoyable, unusual entry in the third Emerald Belles series. Historical romance readers looking for non-European stories will find the setting, this time in California at a winery, fascinating. Deirdre is a quintessential strong heroine, and the best aspects of the romance are the parts celebrating her tenacity and success in overcoming sexism and asserting herself as someone who wants to build a winery. The racial politics (Deirdre is Irish at a historically volatile time and has a freed servant who is black) could have been handled with more depth considering the topic. Some readers may also dislike that someone other than the hero is heavily involved in wooing Deirdre, although it’s clear by the midpoint who she will end up with. Deirdre's True Desire will please McCorkle’s fans, as well as any reader that enjoys strong gun-toting women and a passionate romance.

Deirdre comes to California as a widow with a dream of making a plot of attended land her own. In order to keep her lot, she has to improve it, and what better than building a home and a winery? Widows’ Winery is Dierdre’s dream, and her good friend’s impending wedding brings her head-to-head with Kin O’Leary, a businessman with money and verve. Due to her last marriage — one of fortune, approved more by Deirdre’s parents than herself — Deirdre wants to make sure she marries for love. While Kin and Deirdre have chemistry, she can’t help but also consider Dylan, a local cattle hand. Deirdre has to find a love that is entirely for her and overcome the obstacles of being an Irish woman in western America.  (LYRICAL, Nov., 226 pp., $15.00)

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John Jacobson