Image of Delilah's Daughters: A Novel


Image of Delilah's Daughters: A Novel

In this captivating novel, instead of Samson’s secret, it’s Delilah’s that threatens to destroy the spiritual foundation she and her late husband, Rocky, build for their three daughters. Benson cleverly uses Rocky’s character as an angel to introduce the gospel pop group they create to showcase their daughters’ talent. The national spotlight during a competition tests how deep their love, faith, family, trust, friendship, loyalty and integrity truly run. Anticipation heightens as skeletons bang on closet doors to be set free. Delilah’s Daughters is a captivating story from the beginning to the breathtaking end.

Delilah and Rocky have three daughters: Roxanne, Veronica and Alisha. Roxanne sings on a cruise line and has the best voice, but it’s Veronica’s celebrity-seeking, conniving husband Dexter who clinches his wife’s chance for national fame. Her dance moves also capture attention at the annual Gospelfest. Alisha writes jingles for a living, yet her true passion is songwriting. Rocky’s dream is for the group, Delilah’s Daughters, to become famous. They just might do that, but for all the wrong reasons. (WILLIAM MORROW, Feb., 368 pp., $13.99)

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Robin R. Pendleton