Each well-known author entices with her own brand of sexy offerings. Even though the stories are short, there’s a sense of knowing the characters, their strengths, foibles and motivations. Every story comes to a satisfying conclusion, and there are no cliffhangers. Each tale is a delight and worth the read.

“In the Garden” by Anne Calhoun has Kelsey facing a man who looks just like her ex. Jeffe Kennedy’s “Exact Warm Unholy” finds a woman trolling the Circle2 using a different disguise every night. Maggie’s new “Red Leather” boots attract Tim from the mailroom in Delphine Dryden’s short. Damian obeys Bette’s every command, even dries her tears when her ex intrudes in “Drowning on Dry Land” by Megan Hart. Shona is beta-testing her new dating app at a club with surprising results in Christine d’Abo’s “Devil in the Dark.” In “London Calling” by Megan Mulry, Lana answers an advertisement on Craigslist that matches her with Cybelle de la Vergne, a wealthy lifesaver. Rennie believes she recognizes a man with a tragic past when Luka applies for a job in M. O’Keefe’s “We Are All Found Things.” (, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown