Image of Dirtiest Secret (SIN)


Image of Dirtiest Secret (SIN)

Fans of Kenner’s steamy, decadent and daring plotlines will feel right at home in her new S.I.N. series and revel in the escapades of her tortured characters and their forbidden passion. As always, Kenner delivers a sensual and heady physical relationship, fraught with danger, forbidden love and high-stakes complications. However, the level of angst sometimes borders on caricature, and the hero’s disdain for women and the subordination of the heroine throughout make for some uncomfortable moments.

To the world, Dallas Sykes is a filthy rich playboy who revels in every detail of his decadent lifestyle. But very few people know Dallas’ role in Deliverance, a secret organization formed to hunt down the men who kidnapped him and his stepsister years ago, and who ruined Dallas’ every chance at happiness. Dallas has hungered for Jane for as long as he can remember, but he knows she can never be his. But when his crusade brings them together again, neither can deny the need that has always sizzled between them. Are they willing to risk everything to be together, or will the shared secrets of their past force them apart? (BANTAM, Apr., 320 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown