Image of Down On Me


Image of Down On Me

Talk about starting the new year off with a bang — both figuratively and literarily! Down on Me is hot enough to melt the winter snow, and considering we get twelve of these bad boys thanks to the Man of the Month series, it looks like 2018 is going to be one hell of a year! This first installment examines the friends-to-lovers trope in a way that demonstrates the importance of respect and trust within a relationship, as well as examining how difficult it is to create new boundaries when you’ve known someone for a long time. Jenna becomes a stronger character throughout, especially when she decides not to settle for less than she deserves. The bar serves as a grounding element within the community and allows for secondary character introductions, as well as providing the long-term story arc for the series. The real question is: who’s going to be Mr. February?

Reece has been best friends with Jenna since they were children, and despite entertaining some very naughty and inventive thoughts recently, he doesn’t want to risk their friendship, which means she stays completely off limits. Jenna loves Reece like family and is determined to keep her recent bout of lust-filled thoughts about her sexy best friend a secret, not wanting to ruin what they have. When a cherished hometown bar runs into financial trouble, Reece and Jenna, along with several other close friends, orchestrate a plan to keep the doors open ... which means logging a lot of hours working together. Soon enough, all platonic thoughts are out the window and circumstances change — but is their new love enough to change Reece’s long-held belief that marriage is not part of his future? (MARTINI & OLIVE, Jan., 238 pp., $13.99)
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Anna Dougherty