Image of Dragon Bites: Stormwalker (Volume 6)


Image of Dragon Bites: Stormwalker (Volume 6)

It is time to do a happy dance, because uber-talented James is back with another installment in her fantastic Stormwalker series. A girl’s weekend to Las Vegas turns into a nightmare for stormwalker Janet, her half-sister Gabrielle and friend Maya. One aspect that makes this entry into the series even more intriguing is that James uses multiple viewpoints to move the plot along. The majority of the story alternates between the perspectives of Janet and her dangerously powerful younger sister Gabrielle. Jumping into Gabrielle’s viewpoint really gives insight into a character whose past behavior has been erratic and dangerous. James wastes no time setting the story into motion and the pace of this book is breakneck. The large amount of growth and development that the characters and their relationships undergo really makes this book mesmerizing!

Janet promised her BFF Maya that they would take a girl’s weekend getaway to Vegas. As they are driving off, Gabrielle invites herself along. Janet and Maya reluctantly agree, but insist Gabrielle is going to have to behave. The women have barely arrived in Vegas, when Janet spots her fiancé Mick, who should not be there, walking down a corridor. Following him, Janet, Gabrielle and Maya discover a hidden arena set up to hold gladiator games from hell. Janet is horrified to see Mick fighting in the games, but not using any of his dragon magic. Deciding to save him, Janet and Gabrielle utilize their magic not realizing that they are awakening an ancient evil. To save another dragon, Mick made a contract with a dragon slayer eons ago, and fighting to the death in these games is how he now fulfils that bargain. After Janet and Gabrielle’s interference blows up the games and frees all the forced gladiators, they are still left with the problem of the hugely formidable dragon slayer. Then to top things off, a dark evil entity seems to be focusing on Gabrielle and her powerful magic. Saving Gabrielle and stopping a potential Armageddon will take help from some unexpected sources! (JA / AG PUBLISHING, Mar., 288 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith