Image of Dreamland Burning


Image of Dreamland Burning

The past and present collide in Latham's historical young adult mystery novel. It is a captivating and gripping page-turner that manages to balance two powerful storylines in different time periods while featuring strong and dynamic protagonists in each. Latham succeeds in the near-impossible task of building two distinct worlds and stories that not only hold up on their own but also play off of each other as they address the complications of race, wealth and privilege in America. This is a must-read that should be on every top 10 book list in 2017.

William Tillman and Rowan Chase are impulsive yet introspective biracial 17-year-old teens from Tulsa, Okla. Both are excited to step into adulthood, but are woefully naïve about life outside their town — whether it is the Jim Crow 1920s for the former or the present-day Black Lives Matter era for the latter. However, once they become unintentionally involved in a murder, the two are forced to evaluate their privileged existences and go on an emotional journey of self-discovery. Will they both come out on the other side? (LITTLE, BROWN, Feb., 384 pp., $18.99, 13 & Up)

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Naeisha Rose