Image of Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day


Image of Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day

McGuire's latest novella is a breathtaking work, simultaneously exciting and emotionally resonant. Jenna is as real as she is unreal; she is endearing and magnetic even as she lacks corporeal form. Through her, the reader understands the nature of the world she inhabits, as well as the depths of her loneliness, even before Jenna herself does. Her small coterie of friends are written distinctly and vibrantly, each clearly the protagonist of their own life. Ultimately, the novella is about love and loss, about the extremes of grief, and about moving forward. It's about living life fully, even after you're already dead.

When Jenna Pace's sister died far from home, her own grief led to her death as well. Except when Jenna died, it was before her time. Now owed an indeterminate amount of time and stuck on this mortal coil as a ghost, Jenna counsels others as a volunteer at a suicide prevention hotline to earn the time she has left. However, being a ghost doesn't mean she's escaped danger. When every ghost in New York suddenly disappears, Jenna must face her own fears in order to save the city. (TOR.COM, Jan., 192 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aarthi Devanathan