Image of Earth Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)


Image of Earth Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)

Escaping the past to build a new future is the overarching theme of Feehan’s wonderful Sea Haven series. The Prakenskii brothers’ dangerous and torturous life experiences have kept them generally alone and in the shadows — especially Gavriil. Feehan’s newest heroine is also suffering from a secret and dangerous past, which adds a perilous layer to their unexpected relationship. Book after book, Feehan gives readers emotionally rich and powerful stories that are hard to forget!

After learning about the hit list that he and all his brothers are on, secretive Gavriil comes to Sea Haven to deliver a warning. In a fortuitous twist, Gavriil arrives just in time to help Lexi fight off men trying to kidnap her. Lexi escaped from a deadly cult and found happiness with her “sisters of the heart” on their Sea Haven farm. But Lexi has lived in fear of being found, and now those fears have been realized. Gavriil had planned to leave after delivering his message, but meeting Lexi changes everything. (JOVE, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith