Image of Emergency Contact


Image of Emergency Contact

Readers will swoon over Emergency Contact. Choi has a knack for creating relatable characters, and this quirky, socially awkward love story will keep your cheeks rosy with every page. Readers follow Penny Lee, buzzing with anxiety, and her out-of-touch mom who acts more like her sister. There’s also Sam, a tattooed heartthrob learning to let go of painful memories and a toxic relationship. Emergency Contact is the perfect book for those who root for the underdog and believe that broken people can heal together.

Penny Lee’s life has always been okay. She gets good grades in school, has an okay circle of friends — and even an okay boyfriend. Despite this, she’s eager to start her new life as a hopeful writer and college student in Austin, Texas. A meet-cute with Penny’s roommate’s “Uncle Sam” is about to take her life from okay to oh-no. Sam is 21, passionate about baking and has a personal life akin to a natural disaster. When Penny and Sam collide, things get a little more interesting. It’s the connection Penny has always wanted, and the girl Sam has always dreamed of. But can they figure out what they really want? (SIMON & SCHUSTER, Mar., 384 pp., $17.99, 12 & Up)

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Christin Gest