Image of The Endless Beach: A Novel


Image of The Endless Beach: A Novel

Colgan's follow-up to The Cafe by the Sea is a bit sadder and more introspective, yet is still the same captivating, character-driven fiction the author is known for. It's great to get caught up with familiar characters and become invested further into their lives. Many of Joel's choices and actions are quite frustrating to the reader, but his relationship with Flora is ultimately heartwarming and very real. And, as always, Colgan's food descriptions will make readers’ stomachs growl and the included recipes are perfect to satisfy those cravings.

When Flora MacKenzie moved back to Mure, she thought things would progress nicely with her relationship with Joel. Unfortunately, his job is no less demanding and Joel finds himself needing to go to the United States. Flora stays behind in Scotland to get the Cafe by the Sea running, but she seems to be faltering. Is there any way for the two to get back in sync again? (WILLIAM MORROW, May, 416 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel