Erotica Book Reviews

Image of Blind Trust (The Boardroom Book 2)

At the Boardroom club, the focus is on pleasure, and Ryan Burns and his friends are about to meet their next play thing. They plan on blindfolding... Read More

Image of Falling Into The Black

Evangeline has spent most of her life running from the tragedies of her past. She’s finally reached a place of stability, working at a law firm and... Read More

A tough-as-nails attorney, Cassie Allbright is always up for a battle in the courtroom, and her defenses make her a pro at her job. However, those... Read More

Image of Sharing Body Heat

Lauren has been betrayed by her fiancé, and with her sister no less! She decides to rent a cabin to lick her wounds. When she arrives, she finds th... Read More

Image of The Greatest Risk (The Honey Series)

Sixx is a premier Domme at the Honey. But she wants to make a change. Her instinct is to move to another city; however, there is one man who could... Read More

Now that Antonio Forte and Lauren Bradley have found each other, they must decide if a business merger is more important. While Antonio knows he... Read More
Shop owner Mia Diaz lives her life carefully and cautiously after a horrendous relationship with a swindler left her heartbroken. Due to her none... Read More
Dr. Cynthia Lampley is a urologist who enjoys her work. Her fiancé thinks she enjoys it just a bit too much! She really does seem to do it all —... Read More
Image of X Marks the Spot
Abi and Liam's marriage did not survive the loss of their baby, and Liam's emotional withdrawal doomed their union — so she turns to their mutual... Read More
Image of Passion Island: A Novel (Zane Presents)
The game is Passion Island and the prize is a stronger marriage. Three couples agree to spend six weeks at a marriage boot camp on a lush island... Read More
Bakery owner Leah loves nothing more than making her gorgeous, grumpy landlord Hamilton his favorite cupcakes. He goes for a run every single day... Read More
Image of Stolen (Alpha's Control Book 1)

Brenya Perin takes pride in her service to the people of the Dome, even if she is Beta and a grunt. When a freak accident occurs while she’s mainta... Read More

Image of Forever Eve

Raised by a single mother who worked two jobs, Izabel was taught to be fiercely determined. Her dedication and drive have paid off, giving her ever... Read More

Adam Kingston expects to inherit his family business upon his father’s death, but he is blindsided when he learns that he has to share responsibi... Read More

Clint Remmick is extremely loyal to the boys of the Demon Horde Club; after all, he is looking for redemption and forgiveness. He has all of their... Read More

Charlotte seems like the luckiest girl in the United States after her father becomes the next president. What no one sees is the iron control her... Read More
Image of On the Brink of Passion: Snow & Ice Games

Everything can change in an instant. When Jubilee Buford’s skating partner and husband suddenly collapsed on the ice from an aneurysm mid-routine,... Read More

Jayla Carpenter and Bailee Evans have been BFFs since college. Both plus size women, they have struggled with their weight and their image for ye... Read More
Image of Switch It Up (Noble House Kink)

This is the story of a male Dominant, a female submissive and a man who swings on both sides of the BDSM fence. Madeline Zane ventures to Noble Hou... Read More

Lauren Bradley, CEO of Interstellar Corp, is about to take the number one spot in the industry. But before she can make the big announcement, she... Read More
Image of Bad for You (Dirty Deeds Book 3)

Waitress and hairstylist Shayla Perkins is infatuated with the brooding and quiet chef Sean Molina. When issues with her family arise, Sean rushes... Read More

Image of Long for Me (Luminous Book 3)

Rebecca Morales works for the most demanding man ever. Bennett Ashby wants everything his way, including the project that has her working late on N... Read More

Image of After Hours (The Boardroom Book 1)

After staying at the office late one night, assistant Avery Fasty accidentally happens upon some people having sex. This quickly introduces her to... Read More

Image of Addiction: A Bayfront Billionaires Novella

Liv Tyner is surprised when former lovers Nathaniel Dalton and Tristan Reeves return from Paris after a 10-year absence. None of them have forgotte... Read More

Image of Devil's Gamble (Tarnished Billionaires Book 2)

After winning a National Art Gallery contest, Sienna Keller is on a cross-country tour to showcase her work with her sponsor, Gavin Crane. But he’s... Read More

Though Lynne has been happy since her sudden breakup with her first Dom, she can’t help but yearn for the life — and the man — she lost. But now th... Read More

Image of Hard Work (Sin City Gigolos Book 1)

Advertising agent Victoria Hastings is a powerhouse at work but her personal life has been lacking since her husband committed suicide three years... Read More

Image of Commitments (The Seduction Series)

Trey, Vince and Erika have been close friends since college. Trey is a divorce lawyer, Vince an author, motivational speaker and artist, and Erika... Read More

Rowan Andrews is a competitive luger that has the public wrapped around her little finger thanks to her bright personality and daredevil ways. Zane... Read More

Gabriel Louw is an unapologetic mobster who never leaves a debt unsettled. When Charlie Haynes can't pay his $400,000 debt, Gabriel makes his siste... Read More

For the past four years, Killian Knight has been searching everywhere for the woman who left him while they were on a mission to disband a child tr... Read More

Bayli Styles has come to New York to break into the modeling world and make her mark. She has been nursing her terminally ill mother, but the time... Read More

Scarlet Drake, an insurance investigator, has been on the trail of artwork stolen from the estate of Michael Vandenberg’s family. She is hot on the... Read More

Murphy Gallagher has led a hard life. Having childhood cancer twice is enough to scar anyone emotionally and physically. But things have been going... Read More

Beg is an anthology of the six stories in the Billionaire Steam Series. The series follows PR guru Charli Fontina and billionaire inventor Draken A... Read More

Kelsey Lane has a plan for her life, and her job will play an integral role. When Donovan Worldwide takes over the company where she is the owner’s... Read More

Aysia Banks is very job focused and has erected walls to prevent herself from falling in love. Sparks immediately fly when she meets Marcelo Diaz a... Read More

Grae Burrows spent one amazing night with Saint Templar and Boyce Denali in college, but rather than stay and explore her feelings, she disappeared... Read More

Image of Headmaster (Lessons from the Rack)

Mariela was best friends with Winnie and still feels her loss three years after her fatal accident. Being an instructor at the Academy brings her i... Read More

Image of Erotic Experiments (Research & Desire Book 1)

Claire isn’t looking for an adventure, but it comes to the scientist when she discovers what is really going on at her lab. To keep her mind off wo... Read More

In Swinson’s “Nine Lives,” Ava and Aiden are lethal twins. They grew up abused and unwanted, and rely on each other for everything. When Aiden gets... Read More

Image of On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories

Jeremy submits to Angelique’s dominant tendencies as he enjoys their play with silk stockings in “Sensitive to the Touch” by Donna George Storey. I... Read More

Elaina Talent, an exotic dancer, has been running her father’s drug business in Las Vegas after his incarceration. When the authorities shut down t... Read More

Annie has almost everything: a thriving business, great friends and a fantastic new home. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. Build... Read More

Struggling actress/barista Topher is having a hard time making ends meet when one of her regular customers makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Dan... Read More

Lucas Marx has been focusing on the business he inherited and is taking it to new heights when a chance sighting of Bailey Walters working at a loc... Read More

Image of Death and Destruction (The Death and Destruction series Book 1)

ATF agent Thayne Wolfe finds himself on a hit list after he goes undercover to infiltrate arms dealer Mills Lang’s inner circle. Instead of going i... Read More

Image of Carnal Obsession: His Heart's Prisoner (The Carnal Series Book 4)

After the death of her brother three years ago, Kendra has been living on the streets. Life has hardened her to only rely on herself. When Kendra's... Read More

The new year may be just around the corner, but Gina is already having a bad one. She fights with her best friend, fires her assistant, and her boo... Read More

Mona Lisa St. James vowed she’d do anything it took to keep her mother’s art gallery, The Red, running. Unfortunately, the gallery also happens to... Read More