"Even Goddesses Need Clean Underwear"


"Extended Vacation," "Perfect Touch," "6:06 to Sunnyvale"—three short stories with Twilight Zone and Stephen King leanings. Written in three different seasons of his life, rising mystery/suspense/horror author Harry F. Smith definitely has a penchant for creating engaging short tales replete with well-defined characters that are involved in a flurry of situations. Amid plot twists, Smith excels at incorporating the element of surprise. "Even Goddesses Need Clean Underwear" is certain to be a new favorite among thriller aficionados.

Meet Gerald. Gerald is at the bottom of the work totem pole at a publishing company and unaware that he is about to experience a job change in the most unexpected way in "Extended Vacation." Tony has plenty of ups and downs in his life. While his nagging boss doesn’t help matters, the biggest downer is his obnoxious co-worker Susan. Unwinding from a particularly difficult workday, Tony has no idea that his life is about to change as he tinkers with a computer program named "Perfect Touch." In "6:06 to Sunnyvale," it’s love at first sight for a scientist who becomes obsessed with an attractive woman who rides the Caltrain. But what transpires is not exactly what he has in mind. Or is it? (HARRY F. SMITH, Nov. 2016, 95 pp., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Anita Lock