Image of Every Dog Has His Day (A Bluff Point Romance)


Image of Every Dog Has His Day (A Bluff Point Romance)

The Bluff Point series is rapidly becoming a true treasure, and McKinlay really hits it out of the park for her third entry! This story enchants from the very first page as readers are introduced to a humorous situation featuring a height-imperiled kitten, two delightful young girls and an unsuspecting neighbor drafted to come to the rescue. When Jessie Connelly was first introduced to readers in the previous books, it was not in a positive light, for she was the woman who stole a groom from another woman; but now she is the heroine in a warm-hearted story that is guaranteed to tug on the heartstrings. This is a sparkling gem of a book that is sure to lift your spirits!

Divorced mother of two Jessie Connelly’s life has not gone according to plan, but she wouldn’t trade her daughters, 7-year-old Gracie and 5-year-old Maddie, for anything. One positive is that Mac Harris has returned to town and forgiven Jessie for stealing her fiancé (who turned out to be a jerk), and Jessie is starting to build new friendships. However, she has no intention of getting involved with her neighbor, Bluff Point brewery owner Zach Caine. Then their foster kitten Chaos gets trapped on Zach’s roof and Gracie and Maddie make Zach come to the rescue. When, in the process, Zach falls off the roof into the snowbank, Jessie feels obligated to help. Before Jessie knows it, Zach, Maddie and Gracie are BFFs and little Chaos is bonding with Rufus, the poodle Zach is babysitting. Outnumbered, Jessie soon feels the draw of Zach’s charm. But when the past rises to threaten the girls, Jessie feels she must break away … but not if Zach has anything to say about it! (BERKLEY, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith