Image of Every Serengeti Sunrise (From Kenya, with Love)


Image of Every Serengeti Sunrise (From Kenya, with Love)

In Every Serengeti Sunrise, the characters are bold, charismatic, daring and definitely not afraid to put themselves in danger. There are returning characters from previous books, and it is recommended to start at the beginning of the From Kenya, with Love series. Rula Sinara brings to life the poaching problem in Kenya and the people who will do everything they can to keep the animals safe from harm.

Maddie has missed Kenya more than she thought she would and can’t wait to return. She also misses her two best friends, Pippa and Haki. She and her friends have all been busy trying to stop the poaching of animals without positive results. Maddie has been working on a bill that would make poaching a higher offence. When she realizes Haki had a hand in writing this bill, passionate sparks fly between them. But Maddie is torn. Does she betray Pippa, who has been waiting for a proposal from Haki, or does she betray herself and deny the love she has for him? (HARLEQUIN HEARTWARMING, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans