Image of Faces (The Masks of Aygrima)


Image of Faces (The Masks of Aygrima)

In his final installment in the Masks of Aygrima trilogy, Faces, E.C. Blake builds on the suspense created in the previous installment. Readers will see the characters grow and change as they face troubles in both the war against the Autarch and in their personal lives. Blake creates a perfect balance between the action and emotion, forging a deep connection between the reader and the characters.

Mara Holdfast has finally begun to embrace her incredible power, despite all the warnings she’s heard against its use. With the help of the Lady of Pain and Fire, Mara begins training to develop her magical abilities, and as her power increases, she slowly begins to forget her initial fears about its effects on her humanity. With the combined forces of Mara, the Lady of Pain and Fire and the UnMasked army, it seems like there might finally be a chance to overthrow the Autarch and end his oppressive, murderous reign. But is overthrowing the Autarch worth the countless risks they must face? (DAW, Jul., 304 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck