Image of Fall and Rising (Root Code)


Image of Fall and Rising (Root Code)

Moraine tempers the vast setting and epic scope of this novel with a haunting, emotional narrative that makes the characters’ adventures feel immediate and meaningful. The contrast of intimate exchanges with high-risk, momentous events and a highly detailed interplanetary setting is sure to keep readers’ imaginations and hearts engaged as these complex protagonists’ fates intertwine and their encounters grow increasingly dangerous. Though a lack of exposition and repeated allusions to unspecified events and people is very confusing, particularly at the book’s opening, there is plenty here to hold readers’ attention.

Adam Yuga was miraculously saved from a genetic illness that threatens everyone in his purportedly perfect home, and he’s now devoted to seeking out a cure for his people, along with his lover, Lochlan. Meanwhile, on Lochlan’s homeship, a young pilot is torn between a quiet life with her lover or the chance to embrace a future as a spiritual leader and lead her people to salvation. As these three crusaders are gradually drawn together, they recognize in each other their peoples’ last hope — if only they can survive the treacherous battles to come. (RIPTIDE, Sep., 378 pp., $19.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown