Image of Fan the Flames (Search and Rescue)


Image of Fan the Flames (Search and Rescue)

Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue returns with a new, reluctant member. She’s the local gun shop owner and was raised off the grid as a survivalist. She is also dodging danger from the local motorcycle club. Missing here is more detail about her parents to explain their strange behavior, but there is a lot of action taking place around this one small, fiery Colorado woman.

Rory Sorenson has managed her family’s gun shop since the death of her parents, with a side business of less-than-legal gun sales from her back room. Ian Walsh volunteers with the fire rescue team and has known Rory since she was a child. He’s also a member of the MC and, at times, acts as their “enforcer.” Rory sometimes supplies weapons to the club members, but she is selective about whom she does business with. No one really knows Rory well because her parents raised her away from society. They were convinced of an upcoming apocalypse, but Rory never bought that — hence her friendship with Ian. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 448 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins