Fantasy Book Reviews

Image of Starless

Khai was chosen from infancy to become the shadow and protector of Princess Zariya. He was trained as a warrior and taught the value of courage and... Read More

Çeda, heretic’s daughter, Blade Maiden to the twelve immortal Kings of Sharakhai, potential saviour of the cursed, has helped the insurgent Moonles... Read More

Image of Above the Star: The 8th Island Trilogy

Life has been difficult for Tessa; her teenage daughter Ella has an inoperable brain tumour and has recently lost the ability to speak, her husband... Read More

Petra Dee has reconciled herself to the alchemy running wild in the Yellowstone area since she moved there, to her own father being an alchemist, e... Read More

It was through the self-sacrifice of damned Myrcian merman Kalder Dupree that Cameron Jack and her brother were not trapped in hell by the evil Vin... Read More

Image of The Rebels of Gold (Loom Saga)

The short-lived, ground-based, technologically advanced Fenthri have long suffered under the tyranny of the magical, regenerating, sky-dwelling Dra... Read More

Image of The Mermaid

Curious, adventurous Amelia, a mermaid who is not content to stay in her world under the sea, follows a ship thousands of miles intent on seeing th... Read More

Magic is dying. When Hurricane Katrina threatened New Orleans, the Chanticleer Coven joined together to save the city, but they weren’t strong en... Read More
Image of The Memory of Fire (The Waking Land)

In the newly independent countries of Eren and Caeris, Elanna Valtai has restored the land with her magic. Sorcerer Jahan Korakides is by her side... Read More

Although it drives her crazy at times, Kaylin does like having her various roommates residing with her in her sentient house Helen. However, two... Read More
Image of The Skaar Invasion (The Fall of Shannara)

Drisker Arc’s attempts to save the Druid order have backfired explosively, with the entirety of Paranor disappearing into the mist and the order’s... Read More

Image of Markswoman (Asiana)
Kyra is the youngest Markswoman of the Order of Kali, formed after the Great War to control the telepathic katari daggers and meant to keep order... Read More
Image of Witchmark (The Kingston Cycle)

Miles Singer was marked by magic from birth, and in the world he inhabits, that magic meant he was destined either for enslavement or institutional... Read More

The Emperor died to save mankind from the devils, and now all live by his holy writ. The Order and its heavily armed pilgrims ensure that no wiza... Read More
Image of The Poppy War: A Novel

Sixteen-year-old Rin, a Poppy War orphan living in the poorest part of the Nikan Empire, did the impossible. She aced the Keju test which took her... Read More

Image of Tarnished City (Dark Gifts)
Abi Hadley is on the run, having escaped from the Jardine family, whom her family is bound to serve. She is determined to find her brother, Luke,... Read More
Image of The Queen of Sorrow: Book Three of The Queens of Renthia

Naelin struggles balancing her responsibilities: motherhood, her new role as queen, following Daleina’s guidance and bringing new life and hope to... Read More

We are first introduced to Aoleyn as a three-year-old child. We follow her as she lives among a tribe of barbarians, the Usgar. Some of the Usgar... Read More
Image of Wrath of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder)

Half a million refugees are headed for the frontier as the capital city is occupied, and while soldiers guide them, war is never far enough away fo... Read More

Image of The Midnight Front: A Dark Arts Novel
With war erupting across Europe, Cade Martin and his family prepare to flee Oxford to the United States. But... Read More
Image of What Should Be Wild: A Novel

Maisie Cothay was born with a fearsome power over life and death, and must find a way to navigate the world without causing undue harm. Her story i... Read More

Image of Road of the Lost (The Judges Cycle) (Volume 1)
The forests of Meridep have been invaded by dark elves and ogres, and dragons have been sighted in places whe... Read More

The Serene Republic of Raverra rules half the continent in relative peace, but to the north the Witch Lords rule. They are powerful wizards with ab... Read More

Having seen the glittering city of Ildakar on the horizon, the sorceress Nicci and her companions have set off in the hopes of fulfilling the witch... Read More

Cordelia, Lillian and Aristide have all fled, settling into the lives they’ve had to compromise for since the fall of Amberlough. Their secrets sim... Read More

Thomas Senlin, a headmaster from a small village in Ur, has planned the perfect honeymoon with his wife Marya at the Tower of Babel. Armed with the... Read More

Image of In the Region of the Summer Stars: Eirlandia, Book One (Eirlandia Series)

Conor, the first-born son of the Celtic king, is a warrior for his tribe. The Darini is just one of the tribes of Eirlandia, an island that has bee... Read More

The secret origin of those white bicycles you sometimes see leaning against telephone poles. The perils of only being able to afford the cheapest a... Read More

Image of King of Ashes: Book One of The Firemane Saga (Firemane Saga, The)

An alliance of five kingdoms set in the continents of North and South Tembria has just ended bloodily when four kings betray the fifth, and divide... Read More

Dry land hasn't always been kind to Cora. Ridiculed by classmates because of her weight, she never felt quite comfortable in the world or in her ow... Read More

Image of By Fire Above: A Signal Airship Novel

In the midst of an ongoing war between her country of Garnia and its enemy country Vinzhalia, Josette Dupre, captain of the airship Mistral, has he... Read More

Image of The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library Novel)

Though she may have finally conquered Alberich, her longtime foe, Irene Winters is hardly out of the line of fire. Mysterious dragon politics threa... Read More

The wild magic of Innis Lear has been lost at the obsessive hand of Innis Lear’s king, whose focus on prophecies has made the isle and its access t... Read More

Image of The Girl in the Tower: A Novel (Winternight Trilogy)

Faced with the options of marrying or joining a convent at the end of book one, Vasya opts for adventure under the guise of a male name with an and... Read More

Image of Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor)
The novices of the Convent of Sweet Mercy have reached Mystic Class on their way to becoming Brides of the Ancestor. They must now begin their se... Read More

The war is over! Not by declaration or even active decision, but by the simple rule of atrophy. Following extensive losses in manpower and the almo... Read More

Image of From Unseen Fire (Aven Cycle)
With its Dictator dead, the great city of Aven is undergoing the dangerous, violent evolution into a republic. Latona of the Vitelliae, a spirit... Read More

In Mad Hatters and March Hares, a range of authors present their takes on the strange, shifting world of Wonderland and its variety of quirky inhab... Read More

For generations, a fragile peace has existed between the race of giants known as the Anakim and the human Sutherners. But times are changing, and... Read More

Lenk has helped the great demon Khoth-Kapira escape his underground prison, and even though he dreads the consequences, he can’t help but believe t... Read More

Lin is now the court poet of the kingdom of Eivar and has been summoned to help a neighboring kingdom. She is determined to go despite numerous w... Read More
Image of A War in Crimson Embers (The Crimson Empire)

The five heroes are scattered across the realm, each in peril and needing to find each other to survive. They are hopeless and desperate, fighting... Read More

Image of Torn (The Unraveled Kingdom)

Sophie is a seamstress who sews positive charms in her work and whose business relies on her noble clientele. Her brother Kristos is a day laborer... Read More

Image of The Forever Ship (The Fire Sermon)

Psychic seer Cass worries for the future, in a world where every person is born with a twin — one perfect Alpha twin for every deformed Omega twin,... Read More

Image of Daughters of the Storm

When the king of Almissia mysteriously falls ill, it sets each of his five daughters on a journey toward her fate. Warrior-princess Bluebell would... Read More

No reader familiar with Beagle's name will pick up a collection of his short stories without the anticipation of unicorns inside; The Overneath del... Read More

Image of Stone Mad: A Karen Memory Adventure

Karen and Priya have taken their reward money and bought a little place near town. They’re just about settled in, and their celebration dinner out... Read More

The Empire is in upheaval. Battles that consumed entire sections of armies are already being downplayed or even forgotten; political arrangements a... Read More

This collection takes the popular Children’s Stories Made Horrific series by Mallory Ortberg from the late great website The Toast and expands upon... Read More

Image of The City of Brass: A Novel (The Daevabad Trilogy)

A thief from Cairo's underbelly with a knack for healing, an ancient djinn with the scars of an ancient grudge, a good-hearted prince with a few qu... Read More