Some sci-fi fans may find this tale worthwhile, but The Final Six isn’t a book for everyone. While the romance does offer some appeal, Monir waits quite a long time to clue readers into the delightful dalliance. The supporting characters are a splendid addition to the book and, as they made their exit from the story, they took their comic relief along with them.

When man declares war against the environment due to rising sea levels and extreme climate changes, humanity realizes they need to find a new Earth to replace the one that wants them dead. The International Space Training Camp launches the Europa mission where six finalists — from a competition of 24 — are selected to be part of an operation to build a new home on Jupiter’s moon. Naomi Ardalan, a science genius, and Leo Danieli, a champion swimmer, are two of the 24 in the running for the Final Six. In the midst of the heated competition Leo and Naomi find a friend in one another, but when the facts the ITSC are feeding them don’t seem to add up, Leo and Naomi must question everything they’ve been told. (HARPERTEEN, Mar., 352 pp., $18.99, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Rae Holland