Image of Find You in the Dark: A Novel


Image of Find You in the Dark: A Novel

Nathan Ripley’s debut thriller is full of unexpected discoveries and revelations that are sure to keep readers on edge from the unsettling opening sentence to the startling climax. The weight of secrets and threats in this book is oppressive and adds to the mood of the mystery enormously. However, the protagonist’s voice seems to lack empathy, making it difficult for readers to connect with his quest, the choices he is compelled to make, or for the women who are forced to react to his choices. The technical aspects of this book, however, are compelling, and will surely attract readers looking for a sharply twisting psychological thriller.

Having made his fortune in technology, Martin Reese has devoted himself to locating and digging up murder victims that the police have failed to find. His tips are always anonymous, and his work is always in secret — and his methods are attracting a lot of negative attention, particularly from Detective Sandra Whittal, who has been tracking Martin’s finds, certain he’s up to no good. And when Martin finds himself the target of a killer determined to frame him for the crimes he exposes, Martin realizes just how dangerous the game he has been playing really is. (ATRIA, Jun., 368 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown