Image of Fire Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)


Image of Fire Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)

Revenge is the hard-edged force behind the amazing Feehan’s latest Sea Haven novel. Lissa Piner has kept her true past and revenge mission a secret, even from her sisters of the heart. This paranormal tale is a fast-paced thriller that is chock full of dark secrets and betrayal. The fiery combination of Prakenskii brothers and elemental sisters has made this series one that never disappoints. Pure Feehan magic!

The betrayal and murder of her family sent the young woman calling herself Lissa Piner far away from her home in Italy. To the world at large, Giacinta Abbracciabene died along with the rest of her family. The only other one to survive was her Uncle Luigi. Together, Lissa and Luigi have carefully planned their revenge against the Porcelli family. New Sea Haven family member Gavrill Prakenskii knows the truth, and he has sent his secretive assassin brother Casmir to be Lissa’s bodyguard. Lissa is furious at Casmir’s arrival, but when events don’t go as planned and new secrets are exposed, she is glad to have a Prakenskii at her back! (JOVE, May, 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith