Image of Fire on Dark Water


Image of Fire on Dark Water

Perriman’s pirates are not Laura London’s romantic swashbucklers or Marsha Canham’s cutlass-throwing pirates or even Captain Jack; they are bloodthirsty, villainous men and women whose escapades are not for the faint of heart. Perriman’s realistic portrait of Blackbeard and his women is stark in its grittiness and fascinating in all its darkness. Though not for all, this tale will entice readers interested in strong women making it in a man’s world.

Lola Blaise is a young woman who believes she wants wild adventures like those in the novels she reads. However, the Gypsy girl is tricked into a life where she is a man’s plaything. Her innocence is stolen in a London slum; she’s shoved aboard a white slave ship; she endures indentured servitude to Carolina planters; then finally she finds a place aboard the The Queen Anne’s Revenge, flagship of Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard. Lola’s descriptions of her husband — she is Blackbeard’s 13th wife — ”the pirate queen” Anne Bonney, Calico Jack and James Bonney lure the reader deeper into the drama of the Golden Age of Piracy. By using her wits and wiles Lola survives in a world of greedy killers and drunk sailors. This strange, harsh world may be the only one where she can find her own destiny, away from the men who seek to use her for their purposes. (BERKLEY, Jun., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin