Image of The First Time at Firelight Falls: A Hellcat Canyon Novel


Image of The First Time at Firelight Falls: A Hellcat Canyon Novel

Classic small-town romance with just a touch of celebrity sparkle. Long brings her trademark laugh-out-loud humor, reprising her cast of colorful characters at the Misty Cat Tavern, and this time we see much of them through Gabe’s eyes. His dust-dry humor and situational awareness results in observations that makes the town of Hellcat Canyon and its denizens come alive in scenes that resonate with laughter and truth. Eden is a pleasure to read as well; she’s a woman in control of her life and lives it with few regrets. This is the story of two functional adults making room for each other in their lives, despite a curveball here and there. Excitement and interest come from the deep connection they make with each other through humor, emotional intimacy and their blazing chemistry.

Being a single mom and a business owner keeps Eden on her toes. Her whiteboard is a masterwork of a balancing act, and there’s no room on it for romance. Still, there’s something about Gabe that has her neglected libido demanding some room on the whiteboard. And while elementary school principal Gabe may seem mild-mannered, the ex-Navy SEAL knows a mission-critical objective when he sees it, and he won’t let Eden go without a fight. Getting sent to the principal’s office was never this hot. (AVON, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Nicola Onychuk