Image of The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love (The Beyond Series)


Image of The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love (The Beyond Series)

Quinn’s fascinating tale brings together the strongest forces of good and evil — and a remarkable couple whose love is more powerful than death. The haunting, visceral writing sweeps readers into an otherworldly universe, while at the same time never forgetting the humanity of Quinn’s leading characters. Their connection is so powerful that it is impossible to turn away for fear of missing a single, beautifully wrought detail.

Even though she dreams of just being normal, Roxanne Love knows that can never be. Not after dying and being returned again and again back to life. But a reaper is coming, wearing the human guise of a cop named Santo Castillo, hunting for Roxanne and her twin brother Reece, determined to discover their secrets and to take their souls once and for all. But the reaper never imagined that his connection with Roxanne could grow even stronger when he meets her in person. And now that she is facing the cruelest of betrayals and the darkest of nightmares, he also realizes that there is nothing he won’t do to save her. (POCKET, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown