Image of The Fixer: Games People Play


Image of The Fixer: Games People Play

HelenKay Dimon launches her new Games People Play series with a sensational story that smashes all conventions and defies genre expectations to craft a story that is smart, slick and addictively engaging. Though her hero and heroine may fit the mold of confident alpha-male and feisty side-kick, Dimon is courageous enough to show their humanity, letting their awkwardness, hesitancy and growing captivation with each other shine through, making their journey, and their sizzling chemistry, completely engrossing and deeply emotional. The result is a taut, engaging tale unlike anything out there.

Emery Finn has made her career finding women who disappear against their will, but all her successes can’t help her get over the one case she couldn’t solve — the disappearance of her cousin. Her quest brings her face to face with Wren, an ultra-mysterious and very powerful “fixer,” who may just be the man she needs to crack the case. Though Wren’s career depends on his anonymity, he can’t resist Emery or the case that consumes her. But this investigation will force both Wren and Emery to confront the darkness in their pasts, and they will discover if they are strong enough to share a future together. (AVON, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99) 
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Bridget Keown