Image of Flight from Mayhem (Fly by Night)


Image of Flight from Mayhem (Fly by Night)

The hunt for a treacherous serial killer is the focus of the second Fly by Night novel featuring exiled blue dragon Shimmer and her vampire boss and lover Alex Radcliffe. Part of the fun in this new series is having cameo appearances by characters in Galenorn’s excellent long-running Otherworld series. As Shimmer tries to adjust to her new life out of the Dragon Reaches, she is also learning how to build relationships. A truly excellent way to spend your leisure time!

While at a party thrown by their co-worker Bette, Shimmer and Alex learn of Bette’s concern about an elderly fae friend. Then Bette’s friend Marlene is found brutally murdered and her bank account has been cleaned out. It turns out that this is not the first elderly fae to be murdered like this. Fearing they have a serial killer on their hands, the Fly by Night Magical Investigations team takes on the case. As they dig into the killings, Shimmer and Alex begin to suspect that their killer is a shapeshifter who can assume other’s identities. How do you find a killer who can look like anyone? (BERKLEY, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith