Image of Flying


Image of Flying

Hart’s latest offering is a challenging, difficult journey, but her empathy shines light onto this collection of troubled, lost souls, making each appear worthy of readers’ love. Meticulously sensual details and steamy interludes make this an achingly erotic read. Though the physical chemistry is sizzling, the emotional connection between the main couple isn’t always as strong, obscured by their pain and self-defensive behavior. Nevertheless, fans will find much to praise in Hart’s handling of her characters’ pain and emptiness and their tentative steps toward redemption.

Every other weekend, Stella packs her bag and sets off for a new city. The destination doesn’t matter, so long as she can escape painful memories and find an illicit respite with a total stranger. But when she encounters Matthew in Chicago, Stella is suddenly opening up about the scars she has kept so deeply hidden, inexplicably connecting to a man struggling under the weight of his own baggage. For the first time, Stella is desperate for another night with someone, but can she bear sharing herself, her name and her past with this damaged man and risk the reality of their connection? (MIRA, May, 384 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown