Image of Fortune's Pawn (Paradox Book 1)


Image of Fortune's Pawn (Paradox Book 1)

Bach’s space opera is a fantastic, action-packed and accessible exploration of deep space. Devi is hands-down one of the best sci-fi heroines I’ve read in a long time, and her affinity for armor and weaponry is charming, rather than unnecessarily drawn-out — or downright boring — like in many novels in the genre. Fans of Douglas Adams, Scalzi and Fforde will absolutely devour Fortune’s Pawn.

Mercenary Devi Morris has one dream: to become a Devastator, a member of the king’s personal armored security unit. She’s almost at the top, and after a year doing security on the Glorious Fool, one of the most trouble-prone trade ships, she’ll reach her hard-fought goal. But the Glorious Fool lives up to its reputation, and while Devi can fight off all the baddies in the universe, the dangerous monsters and strange planets the Glorious Fool encounters on its routes are unlike any she’s ever seen. Not to mention her fellow crew members may be covering up something that could put her entire future in jeopardy. (ORBIT, Nov., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna