Image of Four Roads Cross: A Novel of the Craft Sequence


Image of Four Roads Cross: A Novel of the Craft Sequence

Gladstone’s fifth Craft Sequence book launches readers right back into the great city of Alt Coulumb and into the lives of his wonderfully empathetic characters. This entry balances rich details and a beautifully descriptive narrative with wit, humor and plenty of sass to make for a winning series installment. Though new readers will want to start at the beginning of this series to fully appreciate the depth, fans will love the chance to revisit beloved characters, get to know others in even greater detail, and will revel in the growing scope and rising stakes of this fascinating series.

Everyone thought that the moon goddess Seril was dead, but reports are coming in from across Alt Coulumb that she has returned, sending the city into chaos. With protests growing, Tara Abernathy is called in to defend the fire god’s church from financial persecution and attacks from a cohort of powerful necromancers. Her quest will pit her against an old classmate while Cat and Raz are on the prowl, fighting and carousing as only they know how, reveling in all the potential that Alt Coulumb has to offer. (TOR, Aug., 416 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown