Image of The Fragile Ordinary


Image of The Fragile Ordinary

This is a story about the many different kinds of relationships we have in life. From platonic to romantic to familial, and more. Comet is a wonderful juxtaposition of quiet and loud, shy and bold, which makes her very relatable. Readers will be impressed by how Young does justice to the depth of the many relationships presented here, without neglecting the plot. Though The Fragile Ordinary starts a little slow, the tension, conflict, romance and growth that come later are well worth the wait. This novel does contain some pretty dark themes, including drugs, parental neglect, death and more.

With the notable exception of her eclectic taste in fashion, Comet Caldwell lives to blend in. Despite her flashy name, she is intensely shy, content with making good grades and secretly writing poetry. She worries that her two best friends will get bored of her since she doesn’t like partying. She’s intensely focused on her plan to go to college as far away as possible from Scotland, where she can escape the pain of living with her deeply indifferent parents. That all changes when the new boy from America is assigned as her partner for a project in English class. Tobias is every romance novel hero she’s ever read about come to life — including his bad boy attitude. But as they continue to work on Hamlet, she realizes she may have judged him too soon. As their friendship blossoms into romance, a whole world outside of her beloved books is revealed to Comet. For the first time ever, real life is surpassing fiction. When unexpected danger and tragedy enter Comet’s previously monochromatic life, it will push both her and Tobias to grow and change in ways neither of them ever imagined would be possible. (HARLEQUIN TEEN, Jul., 304 pp., $18.99, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Nary