In this short story Hart creates a complex relationship between Kendall and Zane that is transfixing. The author cleverly uses the main character’s shared trauma as the basis of the intimate bond that forms between them. Add to this stunningly sensual sex scenes set against a tropical background and readers will want to devour this story over and over again.

When Agent Kendall Frasier partner is killed by friendly fire during a drug bust gone wrong, her superiors send her to a tropical resort in Corazon del Mar to regroup. However, her vacation is anything but relaxing after she learns that Agent Zane Vincent, the man who shot her partner, is staying in the same hotel.

Although Zane has been cleared of all wrongdoing, he still feels guilty for his part in death of a fellow agent. He is determined to amends with Kendall despite her initial resistance. As they help each other work through their grief, Kendall and Zane can’t deny the heat that arcs between them. (CARINA PRESS, March 2011, dl. $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne