Image of Fury on Fire: A Devil's Rock Novel


Image of Fury on Fire: A Devil's Rock Novel

The bad boy falls for the good girl next door in the third book of Jordan’s Devil’s Rock series about ex-convicts finding unexpected love and redemption. Although Faith and North’s dirty texts and adversarial relationship sizzle, the story was littered with abandoned secondary storylines that did little to deepen characterization or advance the romance.

North Callaghan is still haunted by bad memories and nightmares a year after his release. He avoids friends and family, feeling ruined and unworthy of love, and is increasingly dissatisfied with the empty hookups he uses to exhaust him into sleep. When Faith Walters, social worker and stereotypical good girl, moves in next door, he finds himself fascinated, but he’s determined to avoid her. Faith is thrilled to be reclaiming her independence from her overprotective father and brother, the former and current sheriffs, by moving into her own place, but her joy is quickly soured by North’s efforts to rebuff her neighborly overtures. However, North’s attempts at shocking her into leaving him alone backfire and soon they are both drawn into something deeper — and sexier — than they ever expected. (AVON, Jan., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ana Coqui