Lee’s rip-roaring, genre-trampling, beautifully affirmative novel absolutely lives up to the hype, whisking readers off on a breathless and refreshingly unique adventure. Though this particular Grand Tour is far more outlandish than most historians could cite, and readers looking for traditional descriptions of European cities and culture may be disappointed, Lee’s research into the history of queer, racial and personal identity, and the potential for self-expression, is as comprehensive as it is fascinating. Her wholly unique voice provides a raucous, funny and devastatingly moving tale of defiant originality, self-acceptance and love in all its wonderful and unpredictable forms. A read to be savored from beginning to end.

Henry “Monty” Montague has known from childhood that he was born to be a gentleman and inherit his family’s estate — but that doesn’t mean he intends to do so any time soon. Instead he embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe along with his little sister Felicity and his best friend Percy — with whom Monty has secretly been in love for ages. But when his hedonistic romp turns into a deadly manhunt, Monty is forced to decide once and for all what — and who — is worth fighting to keep. (KATHERINE TEGEN, Jun., 528 pp., $18.99, HC, 16 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown