Image of Get Off Easy (Noble House Kink)


Image of Get Off Easy (Noble House Kink)

Brookes does not hold back in this tale of lust, love and acceptance. The sex scenes are plentiful and beautifully descriptive, with language that speaks to all of the senses. Readers will be able to relate to characters who are haunted by their pasts and witness the impact those events have on their future happiness. While the author thoroughly delved into the life of two of the main characters, the third character was not as well developed. However, this story is still sexy and a real page-turner.

Grae Burrows spent one amazing night with Saint Templar and Boyce Denali in college, but rather than stay and explore her feelings, she disappeared right after graduation. In her adult life, she has discovered the BDSM lifestyle, and discovers Boyce and Saint are also heavily involved and often record their sex scenes and post them online. Grae can't stop herself from watching the men online, and hunts them down to let them know that she fantasizes about having a life with them. However, past events and her own insecurities threaten her happiness. (CARINA, Jul., 336 pp., $8.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner