Image of The Ghost (The Highland Guard Book 12)


Image of The Ghost (The Highland Guard Book 12)

The final novel in The Highland Guard series is as wonderful and unique as any reader could desire. Set during a turbulent era as Robert the Bruce struggles to keep Scotland free, this well-crafted tale, filled with unconventional characters, history and romance, is difficult to put down. The action and adventure add to the thought-provoking plot as McCarty draws readers in with smart dialogue and quick pacing. This is Scottish romance at its best.

Joan Comyn is appalled by the king’s orders that her mother, patriot Bella MacDuff, be declared a traitor and displayed in a cage for all to witness. Worse is that her father disowns her. Her mother, The Ghost, had been a determined spy, and now Joan has taken up her mantel. Scots born, and once a member of the elite Highland Guard, Alex Seton had become disillusioned and joined the British forces against Robert the Bruce. He and Joan had been friends in the past, and when tasked with unmasking The Ghost, he begins to believe it is Joan. As he becomes convinced of Joan’s espionage, he and Joan become emotionally involved. As the final battle draws near, Joan is determined to draw Alex back to the Highland Guard. The questions of love and honor become paramount. (POCKET, Jun., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin