Image of Gluttony Bay: A Sin du Jour Affair


Image of Gluttony Bay: A Sin du Jour Affair

Wallace doesn’t waste a minute in this sixth (and penultimate) Sin Du Jour novel, reminding readers of the fantastically imaginative characters and dishes that make this dark, and darkly funny, paranormal series such a success — and letting them know that everything is about to change. The eerie, unsettling world into which the team find themselves seems yanked right out of one of Dante’s nightmares, and while there is an admittedly voyeuristic appeal to exploring this world, it is the way Wallace tests and develops the bonds between his characters that make this series installment so harrowing and so memorable. Series newcomers will want to start much earlier in this series in order to understand the full complexity of this cast and their doings here, as well as to savor the delicious madness that goes into every Sin Du Jour Affair.

The team at Sin Du Jour have been through quite a lot in their time together, but nothing will test them quite like the Gluttony Bay High Security Supernatural Prison. Here, the world-class chefs are not preparing the menu; they might very well be the menu, and escaping will take everything — and more — that this formidable team can give. (TOR.COM, Nov., 224 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown