It’s time to do a happy dance — Vanderlinden is returning with a new trilogy that once again features her kick-ass heroine Molly Brooks, a.k.a. Mollis Eth-Hades! This new series picks up 10 years after the Undead War from the Soulhunter trilogy. During this time, Molly, as the goddess of death and protector of the Earthly realm, has managed to keep the world at peace, but a new threat is on the horizon. Molly is a unique heroine whose ties to humanity are all that temper her immense power. Now she’s back and heads are going to roll!

For a decade, life on Earth, under Molly’s rule, has been generally peaceful. After the Undead War, the ravages of hunger, disease, pollution and war have been eliminated. However, Molly is as much feared as she is loved. Molly and her demon husband Nain are also the parents of teenagers, and their son Hades and adopted daughter Zoe keep them on their toes. Then the goddess Persephone turns up, inexplicably freed from her prison. Although Molly’s first thought is to kill Persephone, she realizes she first must get to the bottom of what happened, for it appears that the creator goddess Nyx has been abducted, but how and by whom? As Molly and her gang begin looking for answers, they discover an ancient nemesis may have decided now is the time to strike. New truths come to light, and Molly’s world may never be the same! (COLLEEN VANDERLINDEN, Jul., 228 pp., $8.99) 

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith