McCarty’s foray into romantic suspense is non-stop action from beginning to end. This fast-paced story will have readers hanging on to the edge of their seats wondering where it will take them next. With the two main characters on a course set for disaster, the attraction between them cannot be denied. With no one left to trust, are they being completely honest with each other? A great read by the talented McCarty!

A covert SEAL team is sent on a mission to Russia to check their weapon situation. When the team arrives at the site, they walk into a deadly trap. With their own country declaring them dead, the survivors must hide away until the time is right to strike back. Marine ecologist Annie Henderson is in Scotland with her new boyfriend to protest a dangerous operation that harms marine life. The plan is to dive to the offshore drilling boat to see what is really going on. Captain Dan Warren senses that something is not right about this next job. When things turn out to be more dangerous than Annie expected, she turns to the handsome captain for help. She can tell that he is hiding something, but the attraction between them is electric. The two must work together to stay ahead in the game ... and to stay alive. (BERKLEY, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson