Image of The Good Assassin: A Novel


Image of The Good Assassin: A Novel

Vidich continues the story of former CIA Agent George Mueller, sending him to Cuba amidst the Cuban Revolution to spy on his friend and former colleague Toby Graham. The plot is interesting and the history is engaging; however, there are times when readers may be confused as to who is who. Dealing with the web of the FBI, CIA and State Department amidst Cuban police, rebels, dictators and spies takes attention to detail from the reader. However, the story moves at an appropriate pace, keeping the interest of readers throughout. Political mystery fans will enjoy Mueller's newest adventure.

When George Mueller is sent to Cuba to investigate his former colleague Toby Graham, he doesn't know what to expect to find. Rumors of being a traitor swirl around everyone in Cuba, especially Graham. As Mueller plays the game of the CIA, FBI and State Department, he toes a thin line in keeping himself safe. As deceit continues and bodies surface, Mueller must figure out the truth behind Graham before one of them ends up dead. (ATRIA/EMILY BESTLER, Apr., 288 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher