Image of The Good Spy Dies Twice (Bullseye) (The Bullseye Series)


Image of The Good Spy Dies Twice (Bullseye) (The Bullseye Series)

Fans of old-school Cold War spy novels will cheer for the first of Hosack’s Bullseye series, a sweeping and dynamic tale of dangerous intrigue, ill-fated love and emotional loss. Jake Boxer is a broken anti-hero whose mental anguish will resonate with readers as he works to solve a mystery intensely personal to him. His determination to do right is palpable, and readers will be caught up in both his physical and emotional struggles. At its core, Hosack’s novel is a fast-paced tale of espionage, filled with unexpected and brilliant twists that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss this one.

Jake Boxer is a hard-hitting journalist and radio host investigating a secretive New World Order organization when his soundman is murdered by Russian agents, and then Jake’s show is abruptly cancelled. It takes years for Jake to recover, only to land himself in the middle of a conspiracy--while on his honeymoon, no less. Armed with only a few haunting words from a condemned killer--“The good spy dies twice”--Jake is tasked with solving a 1970s murder that will uncover treacherous evils hidden beneath a sleepy Alaskan ski resort. Who can he trust when everyone seems to have an ulterior motive and the voices in his head have lead him astray before? How many double agents does Russia still have on U.S. soil? Can Jake piece it all together before death finally catches up with him? (WIDE AWAKE BOOKS, Sept., 336 pp., $4.99)

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