Image of The Hate U Give


Image of The Hate U Give

In her debut novel, Thomas brings a fresh first-person perspective to a modern-day tragedy. Starr is a captivating heroine with an honest voice. Raw emotions will draw readers into her world as she experiences life after a senseless tragedy. The well-defined characters that surround Starr are authentic and powerful. With brilliant storytelling and deft accuracy, Thomas captures the tone of Starr’s neighborhood in a time of crisis, making her tale a timely one that readers will find difficult to put down.

For 16-year-old Starr Carter, a drive home one night with her childhood friend Khalil ends with Khalil being shot dead by a white police officer. The only witness to the shooting, Starr is swept up in the national media coverage, the community protests, the lies being spread about her and Khalil, and the threats that are made on her life. Everyone — and everything — she knows is tested. When she decides to tell the truth of what happened that fateful night in an exclusive TV interview, Starr finds the strength to take a stand on the injustices surrounding Khalil’s life, death and the aftermath. (BALZAR & BRAY, Feb., 464 pp., $17.99, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates