Image of Haunting Desire (A Mists of Ireland Novel)


Image of Haunting Desire (A Mists of Ireland Novel)

The third installment in Quinn’s Haunting series begins with exciting action, and maintains the thrills through the entire book. Drifting away to ancient Ireland is surprisingly easy with the romantic writing style and the relationship between Shealy, a modern woman, and Tiarnan, a warrior of the past who will melt your heart.

Shealy is pulled into a strange land of ancient mystical forces where she must discover a sacred power she never knew she possessed in order to save her father. The Druid, a sinister being, would do anything to have her power. But she finds she’s not alone as a powerful warrior, cursed by the Druid, fights to defend her. In the end, Shealy’s only hope to save her father is to learn to trust in herself, and the ancient power she possesses. (BERKLEY, Apr., 336 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes