Image of Haunting Embrace (A Mists of Ireland Novel)


Image of Haunting Embrace (A Mists of Ireland Novel)

This is beautifully written. One of the pure joys of reading a Quinn novel is the incredible visual nature of her writing. Readers are automatically transported to whatever magical world she’s created. Haunting Embrace, a Mists of Ireland book, is well, haunting. It’s also lovely and a thoroughly entertaining read.

Once again the Book of Fennore has captured the fates of two people. Meghan Ballagh wakes up soaking wet on the floor of a cavern. It is 30 years before she’s even been born and she’s talking to her grandmother and Aedan. As the sorceress inside her awakens she begins remembering their torrid past — a past that he might not forgive her for. Aedan is a powerful Druid but treachery from his true love has forced him to live life as a powerless human. Now they’re together once again, decades in the past, and the attraction is just as strong. This time, as their love grows, they risk everything; their lives, their souls and the future. Will their love and faith in each other be strong enough to withstand this test and the powers inside the Book of Fennore? (BERKLEY, Oct., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton