Image of The Hazel Wood: A Novel


Image of The Hazel Wood: A Novel

This highly anticipated debut (a major motion picture is already in the works) is for everyone who likes fairy tales of the fractured variety. Chilling and atmospheric, this fantasy thriller is at times macabre, at others poetic — and always impossible to put down. While the author draws on a traditional fairy-tale formula, she very cleverly turns it upside down and presents to readers a story as fresh as it is dark. The diverse characters, gritty twists and turns, vivid imagery and captivating premise make this the perfect choice for fans of Lewis Carroll, Lev Grossman and Edgar Allan Poe. The must-read of the season!

Alice Crewe has been curious (to put it mildly) about her mysterious grandmother, a reclusive author who wrote about a magical place called the Hinterland. Copies of her grandmother’s book are rare, and Alice’s mother Ella seems almost afraid whenever the topic of the book — or its author — comes up in conversation. Combined with the bad luck that follows Alice and Ella, no matter how often they move, and the odd people who appear to be following Alice? Well, that just makes Alice all the more curious. When she returns home from school one day to find her mother missing and a creepy note on her own pillow, Alice enlists the help of her friend Ellory Finch. Together, they set out to find the Hinterland … but are either of them truly ready for the horrors that await? (FLATIRON, Jan., 368 pp., $16.99, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend